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An illustration of the classification of intrabony defects which can be addressed by flap curettage, removal of the osseous defect and/or regeneration (bone grafting/membrane)

An illustration of flap design- a surgical blade is used to cut gum tissue and an elevator ( a periodontal instrument ) is used to reflect it exposing the root surface and the bone around the teeth

( Note the bone defect caused by periodontal disease indicated by the dark spot next to the third tooth from the left )

Flap closure indicated in the lower right illustration

A gingivectomy is a periodontal surgical procedure which includes the removal of a portion of the gingiva ( gum tissue ); performed to reduce the soft tissue wall of a periodontal pocket.


Gingivoplasty is a surgical reshaping of the gingiva ( gum tissue ).

Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty