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" Dr. Brian Kelley is my oral surgeon. He likes the Packers. He pulled some of my teeth and said that I had periodontal disease. He said that I should see his brother Tom who is a periodontist. I didn't want to lose any more teeth. I like them both."- Sheila


"I am a senior citizen. Dr. Kelley was very kind and gentle. He took the time to explain things to me."-Marge


"I recommend Dr. Kelley to anyone who has periodontal disease."- Robert


"Dr. Kelley was my student dentist at Marquette University Dental School and I still see him because he does great work."- Michael


"Tom was my periodontist at Indiana University Dental School. I drove to Wisconsin with my family to visit my wife's family. I decided to have Dr. Kelley do my gum surgery. My wife had a cleaning. I am very satisfied. He does a good job."- David


"I frequently travel out of the country for business. I found Dr. Kelley on the internet. He was able to see me on short notice. He is very professional. He does great work. I recommend him highly."-Steve


"I recommend Dr. Kelley to all my friends. He fixed my gum recession and it looks great!"- Chin


"Dr. Kelley got me to stop smoking. I want to keep my teeth for the rest of my life."- John


"My tooth was killing me over the weekend. I tried to pull it out myself. My friend said that Tom sees patients on the weekend. He pulled it out and I am forever grateful."- Jeff


"I expected great work because I have a great doctor."- Jim


"Dr. Kelley told me to wait for a pretreatment estimate before my periodontal surgery so I would not be surprised with how much I would pay out of pocket."-Dan


"My dentist referred me to someone who was not with my insurance. My procedure wasn't covered. I was directed to Dr. Kelley by my insurance company. He was very clear and made me feel comfortable with my surgery. I'm glad I'm seeing Dr. Kelley. I recommend him to my friends and family."- Mary


"See Dr. Kelley!"- Heidi


"The new office is really nice. I like it."- Kate


"At work everyone said that I should see Dr. Kelley. He's the greatest."- Kwesi


"Thank you so much for the excellent work done on my gums. My mouth already feels so much better. Thank you! " Liz


A picture of our old office located on 150 S. Calhoun Road, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005. This building was destroyed for road widening and further development.